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Prescription Sunglasses From Dr. Philip Dixon, O.D.

When that daytime glare hits you right in the eyes, your first thought may be to reach for some sunglasses, but what kind of sunglasses? Many cheap models don't really offer proper protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays, while "fit-over" lenses can present problems of their own. For superb vision and complete UV/glare protection, you need the prescription sunglasses offered by Dr. Philip Dixon, O.D., our optometrist serving the Reedley, Dinuba and Parlier area. 


You Need the Right Kind of Sunglasses

It's relatively easy for a dark pair of sunglasses to block straightforward glare from the sun's rays. Unfortunately, those intimidatingly dark shades you bought at the mall may not be doing much to safeguard your eyes against UV. Ultraviolet rays can go where visible light can't, passing right through tinted lenses. Exposure to UV may cause:

  • Cataracts: A progressive clouding of the eyes' lenses which can lead to blindness
  • Photokeratitis (snow blindness):  A painful "sunburn" of the eye tissues
  • Macular degeneration: An irreversible retinal disease that can lead to serious vision loss
  • Eye or eyelid cancers: Tumors that can destroy your eyes or even (in the case of melanoma) threaten your life

Another complication develops when you're trying to cover your prescription glasses with fit-over sunglasses such as clip-ons or wraparounds. These products add an extra layer of plastic between your eyes and the world, possibly bending light in unwanted ways and distorting your vision. They can also prove to be bulky, fragile, uncomfortable, and troublesome to keep up with.

High-Quality Prescription Sunglasses in Designer Frames

Our Reedly clinic has a wide variety of sunglasses to choose from to suit your lifestyle and fashion sense. Our optometrist will first check your eyes and vision, updating your corrective prescription as needed. We can then fit you with sunglasses that give you both optimal visual clarity and full protection against those dangerous UV rays, no matter what tint color or darkness you select.

Your sunglasses will suit your facial shape and fashion sense perfectly, thanks to our wide range of designer frames. We can even provide your prescription sunglasses with such desirable extras as polarized filters, which block reflected glare from below. If you don't want to carry two pairs of glasses around, we can provide photochromic lenses that brighten or darken with their surroundings, giving you crystal-clear vision indoors and out.

Looking for Eye Protection in Reedley, Dinuba or Parlier CA?

When you're shopping for sunglasses in the Reedley area, don't settle for partial solutions to your vision and eye protection needs. Call Dr. Philip Dixon, O.D. at (559) 638-8288 to ask about our prescription sunglasses.

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