Computer Vision Treatment

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment and Prevention in Reedley, CA

Most of us spend hours every day in front of a digital screen. This modern technology makes our lives easier in many ways. However, excessive screen time can also be hard on your eyes. Our Reedley, CA, optometrist, Dr. Philip Dixon, encourages everyone to be aware of computer vision syndrome and come in for a comprehensive eye exam to protect your long-term vision health. 


Signs and Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome, also called digital eye strain, is temporary eye discomfort and other symptoms caused by excessive time spent in front of a digital device. Here are the main signs and symptoms you and your loved ones (including your kids) should be aware of:

  • Dry eyes (may also be red, itchy, puffy, or watery)
  • Tired and sore eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches

Why Does Computer Vision Syndrome Happen?

Computer vision syndrome affects people of all ages and occurs for several reasons:

  • We tend to blink less while using digital devices. Blinking helps replenish the moisture-rich protective tear film over our eyes. 
  • Using a computer requires a lot of focusing, scanning, and tracking, which can fatigue the eyes. 
  • Glare and contrast can also increase strain on the eyes.
  • Digital devices emit a lot of high-energy blue light. This can deeply penetrate the eyes and over time may damage the light-sensitive cells and structures in our eyes.
  • Most people tend to slouch or sit with posture while using their digital devices. Spending too long in a slouched position strains musculoskeletal tissues in the neck and head.

Computer Vision Treatment and Prevention from Our Reedley Optometrist

Computer vision syndrome isn't a specific disease or disorder. Even though it's a temporary condition, it may increase the risk of other eye problems in the future, including cataracts. Digital eye strain also makes it hard to stay focused at work. Plus, computer vision syndrome can be made worse if you have an underlying eye problem like astigmatism or farsightedness that hasn't been properly treated. That's why we recommend seeing our Reedley optometrist if you're bothered by computer vision syndrome symptoms. He can prescribe a variety of services to help you find relief.

Services to help with computer vision syndrome include:

  • Updated prescription eyewear, like glasses or contacts, to correct underlying vision issues
  • Addition of blue-light locking lenses to wear
  • Ergonomic and lifestyle suggestions to improve the safety of your screen time habits
  • Eye drops to restore moisture and alleviate dry, itchy, and sore eyes

Tired of Having Tired Eyes? 

Contact the office of Dinuba, Parlier, and Reedley optometrist Dr. Philip Dixon today at (559) 638-8288 to schedule an eye exam today. 

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