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Making sure that your vision is working optimally before your next big sporting event is our focus here at Dr. Philip Dixon, O.D. located in Reedley, CA. Your vision is important not only for your performance in sports but also for your general everyday life. We use the latest breakthroughs in the industry to help you with your vision to ensure that your vision is as good as it can be at all times. Let's take a closer look at some of the services we offer and how they can enhance your vision.


How an Optometrist Can Help You

One of the most effective ways our optometrist can help you improve your vision for sports is through visual training. There are countless visual training exercises that you can use to improve your vision. These exercises help the eyes focus on what is important at the moment and can be used to track various objects such as footballs and baseballs. 

We also can offer sports vision testing. This is where we take a closer look at your eyes to determine the shape that they are in. This allows us to determine whether or not you need any kind of vision correction, such as glasses or contacts, to improve your performance. Fortunately, we have all of these resources and more at our facility.

Sports Vision Care Near Dinuba and Parlier

Finding the right optometrist is important in ensuring that your vision is at its peak when competing in sporting events. We welcome you to visit our facility and see what we can do for you. It is important to have your vision tested frequently to find out if anything is wrong with it. Many people will spend years of their lives without realizing that they are suffering from a vision-impairing condition. Our comprehensive sports vision testing allows us to make sure that everything is functioning properly, and that you can perform at the highest level possible.

An Optometrist You Can Trust Near Dinuba and Parlier

Is your vision negatively impacting your ability to compete? Or do you simply need a checkup to ensure everything is working properly? Dr. Philip Dixon, O.D. located in Reedley, CA is the right choice when it comes to sports vision care. To learn more about how we help athletes improve their vision, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (559) 638-8288 or visit us online.

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